100 Side Hustles without Quitting your Job Book Review | Chris Guillebeau

October 1, 2019

100 side hustles by Chris Guillebeau, and it is what it really seems like. A magazine about 100 various kinds of side hustles that you can do quietly while still preserving your job. ✅2 FREE AUDIOBOOKS✅ https://amzn.to/2Enayo8¬¬¬

Now within this video, I will break lower the five core ideas within this book, with regards to developing a side hustle. And if you wish to look at this book free of charge, I in addition have a link lower below for audible, and you’ll get 2 free books.

Remember a side hustle is one thing that’s outside of your work, that you simply control and enables you to money. And doesn’t need you to quit your work either.

Example: After i Was College, I’d re-sell Iphone to create extra money.

100 Side Hustles without quitting your work The Review Chris Guillebeau

1. Look for a Problem and Solve it and make certain you want solving it

Story To Why: Should you desired to something and stated, man if perhaps someone invented this, or someone must solve this. One time i is at senior high school, If only someone create an application which takes an image of math problems and solve it or perhaps a notebook which goes right into a word doc.


Once you discover an issue, where its: A wallet for Dogs

Test the Demand:

– Cure does it ( if nobody is doing may be good or perhaps a sign that it is an awful idea

– See what your buddies think, and perform a Kickstarter campaign ( Proof demand with dollars)

Keep experimenting

2. Doesn’t need to be Original

Story: I’ve attended companies that say, no we don’t have an online prescence, we do not have social networking, we do not have reviews. However, they still earn money.


– You are taking these companies you can either provide the plan to fix their problem

– Or else you produce a service and provide the whole business an online business.

Example: Within the Book, there is this person having a cleaners

That began simply because whenever he looked he could never look for a reliable one

– Things are lower online, book appointment, and evaluate the services also

Overall: Determine what they lack and 10x it

3. Think Creatively ( Taboo)

Story: Lots of private discomfort points individuals have they don’t like to speak about. Example: Dollar share club, possess a program for Shave, Shower, and Ant. ( People thought items like which were taboo, however the demand can there be simply because they sell a lot)

How: Identify problems, people don’t like to speak about, or you will find stigmas around and make up a solution on their behalf.

4. Better Intermediary

Story: No On likes a intermediary, unless of course his costing you less. Example, in the usa basically order something from Amazon . com I’ll enter a couple of days and free delivery. However, in certain countries, amazon . com doesn’t shipped to, the client requires a intermediary to obtain them the merchandise they require.

How: Find services that don’t offer worldwide and become the person who solves this problem.

Example: A lot of people from DR my house country ask me to create them stuff after i come simply because they don’t have the retailers we’ve here. Make a service that ships worldwide for affordable not a problem.

5. Periodic Hustle

Story: Make the most of different seasons to earn money

How: Example Christmas, father day, moms day

Body lady within the book made the decision to create an individual letter to kids for 25 dollars instructions and makes typically of 6k everything Christmas. ( pretty nice)

A concept I’ve: Ecological Friendly online Vegan store, where all of the goods are plastics free, along with a portion will get donated to charitable organization

Final ideas

The important thing to clients are solving an issue and supplying great customer support.








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