Affinity Photo WORK BOOK – Review / Should you buy it?

December 5, 2019

Cover to pay for Overview of all things in it. Get my honest opinion with the negative and positive reasons for this Book. Spoiler Alter: There’s something I do not like about this. )

We glance at the Chapters: Interface Tour, Core Skills, Enthusiast Projects, Commercial Projects and inventive Effects and methods. Great things like Focus Stacking, Night shots, Portrait editing, Panorama Stitching, HDR Development, Black & White-colored conversion, Double Exposure, Product Shots (Cheese Sandwich), Creative Composition and a whole lot. This book has everything and in an exceedingly inspiring way. But could it be good? Will it fill your requirements? In the event you spend the Buck? Let us discover 🙂

Video Content:

22:37 – In the event you purchase it? (lengthy opinion)

26:16 – In the event you purchase it? (short opinion)

1:57 – Chapter 1: Interface Tour

3:38 – Chapter 2: Core Skills

6:47 – Chapter 3: Enthusiast Projects

12:19 – Chapter 4: Commercial Projects

18:39 – Chapter 5: Creative Effects

22:10 – Shortcut Tear-outs

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