Amazon Book Review Rules (Explained!)

November 11, 2019

Getting mixed feelings about the best way to and should not get reviews in your Amazon . com book? Well, within this video, I am going thorough and explain exactly what the rules are. I additionally provide examples in regards to what you need to and cannot do.

I’ll also finally obvious the questionof whether Amazon’s Tos enables for authors to provide a totally free book in advanced of the Review and whether Advanced Review Copies (ARCs) will also be permitted.

Here are a few sources to supply you more details about Amazon’s rules:

1. world wide .

2. world wide .

3. world wide .

Pointed out Videos within this Video:

1. How you can Setup Your Amazon . com Author Page (Editorial Reviews):

https://world wide

2. Why Were My Reviews Deleted by Amazon . com:

https://world wide

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