Book Review – Growing Things by Paul Tremblay

October 25, 2019

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Growing Things by Paul Tremblay is an accumulation of short horror tales. I’d call these creepy or horror-adjacent instead of full-on shock and gore.

And often horror-adjacent could be much more disturbing compared to bloodstream fests.

Similar to United States Lake Monsters by Nathan Ballingrud, the brilliance of those tales isn’t always within the supernatural occasions, however in a persons problems that overshadow them.

My personal favorite story from the lot is “Our Town’s Monster.” The Monster from the story is indiscriminately murderous. Ultimately, all the town’s traditions, explanations, and reasonings make no difference. It’s simple nature. The monster is hungry. The townspeople are food. Yummy yummy yummy!

If you are searching for any good short story collection in this spooky Halloween season, Growing Things along with other Tales is a great bet. Do it now and allow me to read your comments!


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