Excalibur #1 | *NEW* X MEN series |Comic Book Review

Mutants now their very own sovereign nation within the island of Krakoa, although not things are around the up or more as some gates have experienced access denied in certain countries, and a few mutants the inability to go through the gates. It seems that Apocalypse is doing some experiments using the gateways and it has found one that’s been in operable. But where performs this gate result in, why is it-not working? Without being able to view sleep issues from the gateway Apocalypse must enlist the aid of someone who isn’t a mutant, but could Captain Britain complete the job, and determine what’s happening using the gateway?

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Excalibur #1 | *NEW* X MEN Series |Comic Book Review
Excalibur #1 | *NEW* X MEN Series |Comic Book Review
Excalibur #1 | *NEW* X MEN Series |Comic Book Review
Excalibur #1 | *NEW* X MEN Series |Comic Book Review

Excalibur #1 | *NEW* X MEN Series |Comic Book Review

Excalibur #1 | *NEW* X MEN Series |Comic Book Review

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