Female Sexuality and a Book Review on Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski

September 2, 2019

This video is all about female sexuality and much more fun info on women’s physiques out of this AMAZING book I stumbled upon by sex educator, Emily Nagoski. It is known as “Come While You Are” and virtually debunks many myths about women’s sexuality.

I had been quite amazed at things that I did not learn about my very own sexuality and the body! Tell me within the comments when there was something that surprised YOU!

Things I wasn’t aware of….

Your vagina isn’t the triangular a part of your genital area, that’s your VULVA. Your vagina is to place a tampon in )

Not every women can biologically squirt. (I’ve a lot of female friends who take into account this!)

Nearly all women can’t come with an orgasm from sexual activity itself… however the magic button will the trick!

Orgasms take place in your mind and never your genital area. (WHAT?!)

Context is really essential for ladies to savor sex. An example that Nagoski gives in her own video is tickling. When you are flirting with someone plus they tickle you, it’s fun also it seamless comfort and may even attractive. When you are annoyed with someone however plus they tickle you – it’s very annoying! Same action – different outcome.

Searching to understand more about the writer? Check her out!

Emily Nagoski blog: http://world wide web.thedirtynormal.com/about/

Emily Nagoski TED talk: https://youtu.be/HILY0wWBlBM

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Always – appreciate watching. I thank you for some time and hope that i’ve provided a couple of laughs or perhaps a small amount of knowledge you did not know before.

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