FU Money – Scam Or Legit? Loy Machedo’s Book Review

October 25, 2019

Who’s Dan Lok

Dan Lok is a web marketer who positions themself like a “Serial Entrepreneur”

On Amazon . com he’s around 10 books.

He calls themself a finest selling author with 87 copies offered

Online Dan Lok has around 802,515 subscribers

Dan Lok has spoken at TED

The unstoppable pressure that has around 338k views & 450k views

An on Quora Dan Loks most well-known real question is “Is Dan Lok a Scam”

I had been surprised to locate him on ClickFunnels recognized he’s a marketer online, Online Marketer & individual who sells web based classes.

He’s the moniker

The Person. The Parable. The Legend

Boss within the Bentley

I made the decision to purchase his top selling book

The FU Money

It is split into 4 parts

The FU money lifestyle

The FU Money Myths

The FU Money Mindset

The FU Money Business

Here’s my detailed analysis of his book

Part 1

Chapter 1

What the heck is FU Money

Chapter 2

How you can live just like a movie start even if you’re not famous


The 8 FU Money Myths

Myth # 1

Money cannot buy you happiness

Myth Number Two

Wealthy individuals are a**holes

Myth # 3

You really can afford to hold back

Myth # 4

You need to be lucky

Myth Number 5

You need to be a cheapstake

Myth Number 6

You need to get wealthy slow

Myth Number 7

You need to strive to earn money

Myth Number 8

You need to be perfectly ready


Chapter 11

The FU Cash is not for that Touchy Feely

Chapter 12

In case your existence stinks – its your personal fault

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

You cannot possess the glory should you not possess the guts

Chapter 14

Why conventional knowledge is nearly always wrong

Chapter 15

The Most Crucial factor that you can do today

Chapter 16

You may make money or excuses not both

Chapter 17

The strength of establishing DIG – Daily Earnings Goals

Chapter 18

What you could study from soup Nazi about coping with clients and conducting business by yourself terms

Chapter 19

The straightforward system that can help you master your time and effort and take control of the existence

Chapter 20

The amazingly simple technique that reinforces daily productivity

Chapter 21

The most important reasons people don’t make their FU Cash is:

Searching for something which sounds good

Taking franchising possibilities

Or just being scammed

Chapter 22

The cash secret shared by Bill Gates, Richard Branson & Warren Buffet

Chapter 23

The 9 characteristics of the Ideal Business

Do that which you love

Stable growing & lengthy term demand

Be Portable

High Income


Low Launch Cost

Requires little if any staff

Low Overheads

Earn money whenever you sleep

Chapter 24

How ordinary people make remarkable earnings online

Chapter 25

The Way I went from Rags to Riches on the web

Chapter 26

The 7 Golden secrets of internet riches

The marketplace comes first

Produce a simple simple to navigate site that sells

Develop a business not really a money maker

Produce a multiple earnings streams in a single business – dont create many diversified companies

Leverage time & sources of others

Make use of your personality to market (Tony Robbins versus Robert Kiyosaki)

Position your company for automated growth

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