How Jesus Became God – By Bart Ehrman – Book Review

December 9, 2019

How Jesus Grew to become God The Exaltation Of The Jewish Preacher From Galilee by Bart D Ehrman.

The claim in the centre from the Christian belief is the fact that Jesus of Nazareth was, and it is, God. But this isn’t exactly what the original disciples believed during Jesus’s lifetime—and it’s not what Jesus claimed about themself. How Jesus Grew to become God informs the storyline of the concept that formed Christianity, as well as the evolution of the thought that looked completely different within the 4th century of computer did within the first.

An expert explainer of Christian history, texts, and traditions, Ehrman reveals how an apocalyptic prophet in the backwaters of rural Galilee crucified for crimes from the condition came into existence regarded as equal using the one God Almighty, Creator of the things. But exactly how did he change from as being a Jewish prophet to being God? Inside a book that required eight many years to research and write, Ehrman sketches Jesus’s transformation from the human prophet towards the Boy of God exalted to divine status at his resurrection. Only if a number of Jesus’s supporters had visions of him after his death—alive again—did anybody arrived at believe that he, the prophet from Galilee, became God. And just what they meant with that was by no means what individuals mean today.

Written for secular historians of faith and believers alike, How Jesus Grew to become God will engage anybody thinking about the historic developments that brought towards the affirmation in the centre of Christianity: Jesus was, and it is, God.

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