Machines Like Me || book review (no spoilers)

November 28, 2019

Hi guys, today I am reviewing Ian McEwan’s speculative fiction, alt-reality novel occur 1980s Britain, Machines Much Like Me.

My sci-fi novels:


After her household is wiped out and her homeworld occupied, youthful Kathreen Martin is distributed towards the distant realm of Furoris for re-education. She’ll live the remainder of her existence like a serf – to become bought and offered like a commodity from the Imperial Network.

When her only possibility of escape is destroyed, an opportunity mistaken identity offers her a brand new existence because the orphaned daughter of the First-Citizen Senator and heiress to some vast fortune.

She vows to claw her distance to capacity to sit one of the worlds’ elite. Then, together with her own hands, she’ll reap bloody vengeance in it all.

But, to conquer them they must play their game. They must deteriorate than all of them.


Prometheus has the opportunity to bring his wife away from the dead, but doing this means the destruction of Earth.Spanning time, planets and dimensions, Black Milk draws to some climactic reason for a publish-apocalyptic future, where humanity, stranded without any planet to reside in, fights to outlive against a publish-human digital entity that pursues them with the depths of space.Five lives separated by aeons are inextricably linked by Prometheus’s actions:Ystil.3 is definitely an AI unit sent back in its history in the distant future to research Prometheus’s discovery…The mysterious Lydia has devoted her existence to locating a planet the last remaining humans can call home…Tom Johnson (he’s an enormous fan!) is definitely an AI trapped in the digital subspace, lost and eager to find his long ago to his beloved in tangible-time…Dr Norma Stanwyck is really a neuroscientist from 24th Century Earth whose personal choices ripple throughout time…Prometheus must learn involve dying or even the entire world is going to be ingested by his grief.


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