Millionaire Success Habits by Dean Graziosi – Book Review

August 30, 2019

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Not too lengthy ago I finished studying a magazine known as Uniform Success Habits by Dean Graziosi.

He just lately released it towards the public, and you may snap it up on his website at http:///world wide . In my opinion he might have it free of charge, where one can simply spend the money for shipping.

Dean continues to be a business owner for 15+ years, he’s a genuine estate investor, as well as an author (clearly, huh?!). He’s also labored with world-class leaders for example Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Mister Richard Branson and much more.

So within this the review on Uniform Success Habits I am gonna reveal to you my greatest takeaways and training I acquired from it.

To begin with, I gotta state that it is amazingly readable. Basically had time, I’d read it in a couple of days. However, still it only required me about under per week to undergo the whole book. One factor which i really loved concerning the book may be the conversational style of how it’s written. So with this being stated, let us dig directly into the takeaways.

Takeaway #1

If you’re able to cut a look into the problem, you do not have an issue. Which was a significant eye opener for me personally and why we are creating a business. Everyone has problems. That’s just part of existence. Wherever you are at inside your business, you’ll have certain challenges you will need to undergo.

And nine occasions from ten, the best way to resolve an issue is to cover it. Then you definitely will not obtain that problem any longer. As simple as that. Allow me to provide you with a handful of examples.

If you have a tooth pain, you have towards the dental professional, pay it off and you do not have that pain any longer. In case your vehicle will get damaged, you decide to go and obtain it fixed. Begin to see the pattern? Now, not every the issues are destined to be fixed with money, but many of them tend to be.

Takeaway #2

If you have no clue regarding your direction, you have a tendency to spend time doing things stopping you against generating money. It has been stated before – if you do not know where you are going, you’ll finish up nowhere. Give it a try in tangible existence. You must understand your direction in existence as well as in business. Knowing your objectives is super important.

At this time, I am in Tennessee visiting my pal and business partner. I did not come here for any excuse though, our goal is to re-vamp a lot of our marketing that people do online, for example our websites, lead magnets, courses, and a whole lot.

After you have your objectives mapped out, you will be aware EXACTLY what you ought to do to obtain there.

Takeaway #3

Concentrate on the outcome, and not the obstacle. Like I stated before, wherever you are at, you’ll have challenges and obstacles which will obstruct. That’s just an element of the process. And also the factor is that if you simply concentrate on the problems, you are gonna have more of these.

As Napoleon Hill stated – whatever you concentrate on, expands. Concentrate on problems – you are gonna have more problems. Concentrate on the solutions – you are gonna have more of individuals.

One factor that occurs to numerous us is we focus an excessive amount of around the challenges we are presently getting, rather of concentrating on the large picture – our goals. Concentrate on what you would like instead of on which you do not have yet.

Within the video below I share 8 more takeaways that I have become from Uniform Success habits book. I’d have totally shared much more, but I’d rather not spoil the entire book for you personally!


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