“My Big TOE” Book Review

"My Big TOE" Book Review

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“My Great Toe” The Review

So, the name may have caused something for you. WTF is “My Great Toe”? My Great Toe states for “My Big Theory Of All Things”, that is an incredible book which i lately read and made the decision to perform a review.

Beginning using the theory that awareness may be the first step toward all being, MBT helps make the paradoxes of quantum physics, being and our infinitely expanding and self-programming world explainable to everybody. This fascinating book weaves together science, spirituality, awareness, love, values and paranormal encounters like the from body experience right into a complete unified theory of absolutely everything in a manner that leaves room for beliefs like a universal love awareness, or as Campbell calls is ‘Absolute Unbounded Oneness’ (AUO), or you prefer the presence of God.

Campbell puts this bigger reality onto a good footing by mixing Quantum Physics together with his own capability to go into the anchorman awareness awareness condition through meditation (the purpose of fundamental awareness) and taking advantage of this, and the scientific understanding because the foundation for the knowning that the connectedness of beings may be the fundamental nature of awareness. Campbell explored awareness and reality through his act as a physicist and awareness investigator in the Monroe Institute, the worlds respected research center for that From Body Experience (OBE). Through meditation and then exploring methods for example Binaural Brainwave techniques Campbell could access a dual condition of conscious awareness where he could perform higher level functions concurrently both in Physical Reality (PR) and Non Physical Reality (NPR). His awareness later developed further enabling him to continuously see ‘energy’ for example auras in this particular condition of dual awareness, something which is tough to achive for prolonged periods.

So, is that this book worth studying? If you are thinking about physics and studying about new theories about how exactly the planet works, this really is certainly something should keep close track of.

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"My Big TOE" Book Review
"My Big TOE" Book Review
"My Big TOE" Book Review
"My Big TOE" Book Review
"My Big TOE" Book Review

"My Big TOE" Book Review

"My Big TOE" Book Review

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