Outlaw – Outlaw Chronicles Series [Book One]

January 16, 2019

Author: Angus Donald

Publish: 2009

Page: 182 pages

Language: English

Format EBook: PDF

Description: Outlaw is the first novel of the eight-part Outlaw Chronicles series by a British writer of historical fiction, Angus Donald, released on 10 July 2009 through Little, Brown, and Company. The début novel was relatively well received.


When he’s caught stealing, young Alan Dale is forced to leave his family and go to live with a notorious band of outlaws in Sherwood Forest.

Their leader is the infamous Robin Hood. A tough, bloodthirsty warrior, Robin is more feared than any man in the country. And he becomes a mentor for Alan; with his fellow outlaws, Robin teaches Alan how to fight – and how to win.

But Robin is a ruthless man – and although he is Alan’s protector, if Alan displeases him, he could also just as easily become his murderer …


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