Reboot Book Review | Jerry Colonna | Key Takeaways From Reboot

November 9, 2019

Reboot the review will give you through some good leadership strategies which will improve your perspective and enable you to be a better leader. Reboot book is presented by venture capitalist and professional coach Jerry Colonna.


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Within this Reboot book summary I attempt to capture the essence from the book. Book is initially focussed towards corporate leaders, however i attempted to extract the techniques that everybody may use because many of us are leader within our existence.

Listed here are 6 key takeaways from Reboot:

1 – There aren’t any quick fixes. You have to look much deeper

2 – Tough occasions are actually what defines who we’re

3 – Don’t leave problems to develop, resolve them rapidly

4 – Learn how to a dead stop

5 – The fact is always our friend

6 – Many of us are sometimes irrational and that’s fine

Reboot book’s core message would be to deeply understand who we’re as people. This, consequently, will improve our relationships with others which help us grow.

It was a Reboot book by Jerry Colonna.

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