Rich Enough Book Review (By Mary Holm) NZ Bestseller Personal Finance Book

October 5, 2019

Within this video I will be reviewing the bestseller book on personal finance: Wealthy Enough by NZ financial journalist Mary Holm.

Within this book, Mary details the 7 steps to assist ordinary people get rid of debt, find the best kiwisaver fund, save, invest and get ready for retirement

Step One: Begin right now

Step Two: Get rid of high interest debt

Step Three: Setup insurance along with a wet day fund

Step Four: Join the very best kiwisaver fund for you personally

Step Five: Improve your savings painlessly

Step Six: Stay awesome

Step 7: Mind with confidence towards retirement and thru it

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All personnel that made an appearance within this video aren’t financial advisors. This video isn’t financial advice. All strategies, recommendations and tips are purely according to personal opinions and really should be to keep things interesting purpose only. Don’t invest purely according to information provided within this video. Look for a professional financial consultant and bear your own research prior to doing any kind of investing.

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