Spottedleaf’s Heart – Character butchering + disturbing relationships [Warriors Book Review]

December 12, 2019

Jeeze this book helped me angry, its absolutely disgusting. Who includes pedophilic relationships in magazines which are for (although not restricted to) a youthful audience!?

Which means this video has developed in the works because the book arrived on the scene )(the editing required forever, I can tell why LZRD WZRD are only able to get his out monthly!), so almost two days, as well as in that period of time everybody got their own done quicker than me! Now I am much more behind on maps, yay!


2 videos arrived on the scene before, however started this script your day it arrived on the scene. They did not steal my idea and that i did not steal their own. These videos whereby Puzzlii and spinosaurus rex, these were both awesome making me consider a few more points I did not use in the recording

Age gap itself is not the issue, cats like dustpelt and ferncloud are fine, it is the fact spottedleaf is really a kid, not only that she’s more youthful. When they were both adults it might be fine. They ought to have addressed this within the book and stated the way it was wrong. Children are studying in the end.

I recieve these were attempting to make thistle more villain like, however they must have labored together with his existing character, not create a replacement.


Me (OC, background, big mapleshade)

Mirrorflygon (on DA) / FallowHollow (on YT) She made the thumbnail art nevertheless its Less fan art, she doesnt such as the ship anymore than I

Tennelle flowers

Nifty Senpai

IceDog McMuffin

chocochipcookiez (DA)

Players book covers

various google image searches

Other videos pointed out

https://world wide

https://world wide

https://world wide

https://world wide

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