The Sealed Nectar – Biography of the Noble Prophet

September 20, 2018

Author : Syeikh Shafiyurrahman Al-Mubarakfury

Format Ebook : PDF

Language : English

Original Title : Ar-Raheequl Makhtum [Sealed Nectar]

Description : We are glad to announce that we have re-published the best biography book on Prophet (peace be upon him) (1st Prize Winner Book) in a exceptional way. In this Book, the Seerah has been given in a best form, and maps, explanatory diagrams and photographs have been added to show the places and directions of various events that took place in the life of the Prophet (peace be upon him) Throughout the study of this book, the perception and understanding of the Seerah of the Prophet (S), becomes very easy as if the past events are passing before our eyes in the form of imaginary pictures.

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