The Strong Cowboys of Wilde Series Book [5] – Strong Craving

February 17, 2019


Author: Chloe Lang

Publish: 2012

Page: 70 pages

Language: English

Format EBook: PDF

Description: This is The Fifth Novel Of The Strong Cowboys of Wilde, Nevada Series By An American Fiction writer Chloe Lang.

Synopsis: Charly Wynn can’t refuse the diversion of a ride around Wilde with Tobias Strong in his airplane. The harmless distraction turns into a game of erotic pleasures she’s nervous to play but willing to try.

The more layers Tobias discovers in Charly, the more he craves her. He’s willing to go the distance to win her submission. She’s the one for him, Heath, and Nate.

Charly realizes that this is no love triangle that she’s wandered into. She is clearly trapped in a passion-filled tug-of-war between the brothers—three on each side. She should leave Wilde soon.

Will Tobias be able to show Charly how to let go of her dark history before its too late? Or will the undiscovered fiend send her a deadly reminder of why the past always catches up to you?


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