Ultralearning | Scott H. Young | 6-Minute Book Review 2019

November 4, 2019

Gain levels! Ultralearning (2019) by Scott H. Youthful is a superb guide on intense, self-directed learning.

Self-directed learning could make you a lot of money. Ultralearning is really a skill needed increasingly more as technology polarizes the skill divide. Ultralearning by Scott H. Youthful is really a fresh dive into some serious mental engagement.

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Ultralearning is really a book about immersion, and creating a learning strategy that may rapidly become skills (“directness”). It comes down to mastering hard skills rapidly. This self-help book is all about psychology, habits, mentorship, feedback, and productivity.

Ultralearning is all about self improvement, education, and self-actualization.

Topics elevated and discussed include:

What’s Ultralearning?

Is self-learning an essential skill?

How do you educate myself rapidly?

Best study strategy.

Must I buy Ultralearning?

What’s metalearning?

What’s rapid learning?

The significance of recall in mastering.

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