“What Doesn’t Kill Us” Book Review

"What Doesn't Kill Us" Book Review

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“What Does not Kill Us” The Review

So, as I love to say, I am inclined to buy some books simply by studying its name. And this is just what happened with “What Does not Kill Us”.

Exactly what a freaking awesome name! And just what an incredible book! I have to admit I had been surprised at it.

This is actually the book description, obtained from Amazon . com:

“Our ancestors entered deserts, mountain tops, and oceans without a whisper of the items anybody today might consider today’s technology. Individuals feats of endurance now appear impossible at a time where we be comforted as a given. What when we could get back a lot of our lost transformative strength by simulating the ecological conditions in our forebears?

Investigative journalist and anthropologist Scott Carney occupies the task to discover: Are we able to hack our physiques and employ the atmosphere to stimulate our inner biology? Helping him in the look for the solutions is Nederlander fitness guru Wim Hof, whose capability to control his body’s temperature in extreme cold has sparked a whirlwind of study. Carney also enlists input from your Army researcher, a global-famous surfer, the founders of the obstacle course race movement, and ordinary those who have documented the way they have cured autoimmune illnesses, dropped a few pounds, and reversed diabetes. Along the way, he chronicles their own transformational journey because he pushes his mind and body towards the fringe of endurance, a search that culminates inside a record-bending, 28-hour climb towards the snowy peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro putting on only a set of running shorts and athletic shoes.

An ambitious mixture of investigative reporting and participatory journalism, What Does not Kill Us explores the real link between your brain and the entire body and divulges the science that enables us to push past our perceived limitations.”

Wanna learn more relating to this awesome book? Watch this video and discover!

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"What Doesn't Kill Us" Book Review
"What Doesn't Kill Us" Book Review
"What Doesn't Kill Us" Book Review
"What Doesn't Kill Us" Book Review
"What Doesn't Kill Us" Book Review

"What Doesn't Kill Us" Book Review

"What Doesn't Kill Us" Book Review

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