12 Rules For Life by Jordan Peterson 📖 Book Summary

November 13, 2019

A magazine summary and overview of 12 Rules For Existence: An Antidote To Chaos by Jordan Peterson.

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[:37] RULE 1: Stand Straight Together With Your Shoulders Back

[1:11] RULE 2: Give Yourself A Break Like Someone You Have The Effect Of Helping

[2:04] RULE 3: Make Buddies With Individuals Who Would Like The Good For You

[2:35] RULE 4: Compare You To Ultimately Whom You Were Yesterday, To Not Who Another Person Is Today

[3:25] RULE 5: Don’t Let Your Kids Do Anything Whatsoever Which Makes You Dislike Them

[4:14] RULE 6: Set Your Home In Perfect Order Before You Decide To Criticize The Planet

[4:59] RULE 7: Pursue What’s Significant, Not What’s Expedient

[5:34] RULE 8: Be Truthful Or At Best Also .

[6:40] RULE 9: Think That The Individual You’re Hearing Might Have Some Understanding You Do Not

[6:50] RULE 10: Be Precise Inside Your Speech

[7:33] RULE 11: Don’t Bother Children When They’re Skateboarding

[8:15] RULE 12: Pet The Cat Whenever You Encounter One In The Pub


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