International Dictionary of Film and Filmmakers Directors
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  Format Ebook : PDF Editor : Tom Pendergast and Sara Pendergast Language : English Publish : 2000 Preview : Like the other major volume in the series (“Films”) this is a really large, interesting book that has room for improvement. There’s generally a very good (if superficial) write-up of all the world’s major directors (except Mikio Naruse, Jiri Trnka, etc.) and quite a few of its minor (read: mediocre Hollywood) directors. The book gives a rundown of each director’s films and a list of writings by/about each director. The problem is that the folks doing the writing aren’t usually experts on who they’re writing about, or they seem indifferent towards them. Why not get Ray Carney to write about John Cassavetes instead of Bill Wine ? How about Tony Raynes on Edward Yang? In the end there often tends to be precious little piercing insight into the subjects of the book and so in the end “Directors” has less impact than it could. However limited it may be, “Directors” is still a wonderfully informative read because of its sheer scope, and its willingness to include current filmmakers is admirable.

Encyclopedia of Public Relations
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Author : Robert L. Heath Publish : 2005 Ebook Format : PDF Preview : When initially published in 2005, the two-volume Encyclopedia of Public Relations was the first and most authoritative compilation of the subject. It remains the sole reference source for any library serving patrons in business, communication, and journalism as it explores the evolution of the field with examples describing the events, changing practices, and key figures who developed and expanded the profession. Reader’s Guide topics include Crisis Communications & Management, Cyberspace, Ethics, Global Public Relations, Groups, History, Jargon, Management, Media, News, Organizations, Relations, Reports, Research, and Theories & Models. Led by renowned editor Robert L. Heath, with advisory editors and contributors from around the world, the set is designed to reach a wide array of student readers who will go on to serve as opinion leaders for improving the image and ethics of the practice. The Second Edition continues to explore key challenges facing the profession, such as earning the trust and respect of critics and the general public. Much greater emphasis and space will be placed on a theme that was just emerging when the First Edition appeared: the Internet and social media as public relations…

Encyclopedia of Architecture
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Format Ebook : CHM Author : Donald Langmead Publish : 2001 Preview : This book is a good compilation of buildings and civil engineering projects throughout history. But, unless this book is the first thing you consult, you likely won’t learn very much. If it’s an explanation of the architectural design or engineering technology behind these buildings and projects, you will have to go elsewhere. The book concentrates more on the history rather than the design and construction methods used. Illustrations are black and white photos, and aren’t very numerous so they’re not much help either. An architect once described the built environment as “the manifestation of the human spirit in stone, wood, and steel.” In this new volume, readers can explore the most innovative and magnificent architectural expressions of the human spirit, from pre-history to the present, from all parts of the world. Readers can visit the Acropolis and Chartres cathedral, along with less familiar places like the ruins of Great Zimbabwe, once the greatest city in sub-Saharan Africa, and China’s 71 meter high, 1,200 year old Grand Buddha, carved from stone. They’ll learn the secrets behind audacious engineering feats like the Panama Canal, the U.S. interstate highway system,…

Dictionary of Engineering (Second Edition)
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  Author : McGraw Hill Publish 2003 Format Ebook : PDF Description : Derived from the world-renowned McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, Sixth Edition, [roman] this vital reference offers a wealth of essential information in a portable, convenient, quick-find format. Whether you’re a professional, a student, a writer, or a general reader with an interest in science, there is no better or more authoritative way to stay up-to-speed with the current language of the various branches of engineering or gain an understanding of their key ideas and concepts. Written in clear, simple language understandable to the general reader, yet in-depth enough for scientists, educators, and advanced students, The McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Engineering, Second Edition: Has been extensively revised, with 17,500 entries encompassing the language of engineering Includes synonyms, acronyms, and abbreviations Provides pronunciations for all terms Covers such topics as building construction, chemical engineering, civil engineering, control systems, design engineering, engineering acoustics, industrial engineering, information technology and computing, mechanical engineering, systems engineering, telecommunications, and thermodynamics Includes an appendix containing tables of useful data and information Is based on the McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms – for more than a quarter-of-a-century THE standard international reference Carefully reviewed…

Changing Images of Man (1974)
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  Editor : OW Markley and Willis W Harman Publish : 1974 Format File : PDF Preview : Changing Images of Man is an unusual work, one that enthuses some, displeases others, and leaves few neutral. It was undertaken for a specific purpose: to chart, insofar as possible, what changes in the conceptual premises underlying Western society would lead to a desirable future. Obviously a research objective containing many value-laden assumptions! Thus it is perhaps not surprising that a number of questions about the background of this study have been asked by students in classes at the dozen or so colleges and universities that have used Changing Images of Man as a text. The most common questions concern the study’s origins. Why was it undertaken ? Who supported it ? What kinds of researchers wrote it ? Additionally, most have wanted to know how it is viewed now, some 7 years later, by the researchers who wrote it. And what it may have led to by way of social change. The purpose of this introduction to the Pergamon edition is to answer some of these questions. In 1968 the U.S. Office of Education launched two research centers in an ambitious undertaking…

EBook Propaganda
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Author : Edward L. Bernays Publish : 1928 Format Ebook : PDF Preview : Propaganda, an influential book written by Edward L. Bernays in 1928, incorporated the literature from social science and psychological manipulation into an examination of the techniques of public communication. Bernays wrote the book in response to the success of some of his earlier works such as Crystallizing Public Opinion (1923) and A Public Relations Counsel (1927). Propaganda explored the psychology behind manipulating masses and the ability to use symbolic action and propaganda to influence politics, effect social change, and lobby for gender and racial equality.[1] Walter Lippman was Bernays’ unacknowledged American mentor and his work The Phantom Public greatly influenced the ideas expressed in Propaganda a year later.[2] The work propelled Bernays into media historians’ view of him as the “father of public relations.”[3] Source : Wikipedia

Donald’s Wild Adventure
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Format File : PDF Preview : Donald is an anthropomorphic white duck with a yellow-orange invoice, legs, and feet. He usually wears a sailor shirt and cap with a bow tie. Donald is maximum well-known for his semi-intelligible speech and his mischievous and temperamental personality. Along with his pal Mickey Mouse, Donald is one of the maximum popular Disney characters and became included in TV Guide’s list of the 50 greatest caricature characters of all time in 2002.[1] He has regarded in greater movies than every other Disney man or woman,[2] and is the most posted comedian book person within the global out of doors of the superhero style. In Donald’s Wild Adventure, Donald Duck takes his nephews to the amusement park for some fun. He thinks taking them into the Haunted House will scare the daylights out of them, however, it is Donald who gets the shock. During their wild travels in the House, the Narrator/Host (a Ghoul) play music befitting a truly frightening situation, utilizing  music from Dance Macabre, In The Hall of The Mountain King, Night on Bald Mountain, Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D-Minor, and Wagner’s Ride of The Valkyries.  

Ebook 501 Killer Marketing Tactics
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  Author : Tom Feltenstein Format Ebook : PDF Language : English Preview : 501 Killer Marketing Tactics to Increase Sales, Maximize Profits, and Stomp Your Competition ATTACK OF THE KILLER MARKETING TACTICS! A few years back, marketing super-guru Tom Feltenstein in rewrote the book on high-impact marketing that works. Fast-forward to today and new technologies, more sophisticated consumers/competitors, and a whole new media landscape have changed all the rules. In response, Feltenstein has upped his game, and in , he delivers even MORE sure-fire marketing strategies and tactics that let you outwit, outthink, and outsell the other guy.