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In this video I will present the top 5 takeaways from The Alchemy of Finance, a book written by the legendary investor George Soros. “The man who moves market” George Soros has made a fantastic fortune through his investment hedge funds Quantum Fund and Soros Fund Management. He’s currently sitting at about $8.3 billion and has donated more than $32 billion. His strategy for beating the market is quite different from many other legendary investors but has proven to be incredibly profitable over his investing career.

Top 5 Takeaways from Mastering the Market Cycle (by Howard Marks):

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Top 5 takeaways from The Alchemy of Finance by George Soros:

01:14 5. Natural science vs Social science
03:27 4. Using a faulty model is more dangerous than using no model at all
05:28 3. “Reflexivity”
08:03 2. The boom-bust model
10:43 1. The stock market is a laboratory for testing hypotheses

My goal with this channel is to help you make more money and improve your personal finances. How to become a millionaire? There are many ways to get there – investing in the stock market, becoming a stock trader, doing real estate investing, or why not becoming an entrepreneur? But whether you are interested in how to invest in stocks or investing strategies for creating passive income with rental properties – I hope to be able to provide you with a solution (or at least an idea) here. Warren Buffett – the greatest investor of our time – says that you should fill your mind with competing ideas and then see what makes sense to you. This channel is about filling your mind with those ideas. And in the process – upgrading your money-making toolbox.

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