Annoying to watch but great to read, Gary Hamel is a great management thinker who writes some fab books- usually about how crap management is and how poor it is at seeing opportunities that kill their business. Having worked in the printing industry until it ceased to be an industry* any more, I concur that management is pretty dreadful at dealing with the two most important things in business- talent and opportunity.
Read his books and it will make you have a malcontent outlook on life and always be looking for the best NEXT thing your business can do. This is a good think, because 20% of your GP is disappearing out the back door every year through renegotiation, reductions in volume or competition… so by definition of you do the same as you’re doing now in 3.6 years you’re bust- simple as that.

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if you think your business can wait for it (it can’t) his latest one that i have just ordered that releases in August here:

ps yep- it just stops at 6.50 mins- no idea why but as i was winding up anyway, I thought it’d do 🙂

*contentious. Some believe it is still a defined industry- it isn’t, its a communication channel, no more, no less ( even if we do passionately love it, as we do!).

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