The next installment in my horror book recommendations series is finally up. The last one I did with 10 different recs was back in the fall of last year so it was time for a new one. These are my top horror book recommendations and best horror books in my opinion. I tried to keep off some of my obvious ones especially from King because I’ve talked plenty about those. So if you’re looking for horror book recommendations 2021, hopefully this helps. What are some of your top recommendations? Let me know so I can read them and then hopefully they can be part of a new installment of these videos and everyone else can be recommended them too. Make sure to subscribe if you like horror and thriller book content, I’d love to have you hang out and talk books with me. Thanks for watching, enjoy!

Books mentioned::

Amityville Horror:
Sour Candy:
The Troop:
My Best Friend’s Exorcism:
The Exorcist:

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