Hi everyone, after a YA fantasy series seriously messed with my emotions, I want to chat with you about the love triangle trope. I’m not going to be super critical (but with some of these perhaps we should be…) so pls don’t take this too seriously. Just some guilty pleasure fun. Sending you love!

3:16 – 7:16, 16:07 – 17:22 The Black Witch – https://tidd.ly/3oCcq1K
7:16 – 9:11 Throne of Glass – https://tidd.ly/2HMH1ZA
9:12 – 11:00 The Mortal Instruments – https://tidd.ly/328ZoPJ
9:12 – 12:48 The Infernal Devices – https://tidd.ly/3ecS5Lt
12:55 – 13:09 The Hunger Games – https://tidd.ly/35E3hwO
13:09 – 13:57 A Court of Thorns and Roses – https://tidd.ly/34AGnqM
13:57 – 14:08 Twilight – https://tidd.ly/2HJMW1r
14:08 – 16:07 Red Queen – https://tidd.ly/2TBg5yt
Funny Goodreads review (major The Black Withc Spoilers!!!) https://bit.ly/3mzrOds

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Let’s Talk About Love Triangles in YA Fantasy | book rant and review

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