Financial Advisors,
I’m Summarizing Values-Based Financial Planning by Bill Bachrach in under 60 seconds. #shorts

If you’d like me to go into more details and top takeaways, leave a comment below.

-Dave Zoller, CFP®

This channel is made for Financial Advisors who are looking to grow their practice so that they can positively impact more people for good.

Some of the things we’ll be talking about are advisor marketing, practice management, how the best advisors find and attract new clients, advisor communication strategies, and how to keep your clients happy for life.

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Financial Advisors have an important role in removing the burden of finances from their client’s shoulders. And this is the place for them to come and grow as an advisor.
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Advisor’s First Meeting Process. What’s Missing Since Moving to Virtual Meetings with New Clients.

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Pluck it Up-Dan Henig

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