I have the wrong SK book in hand. Survivor Type is in Skeleton Crew. Sorry for that mix-up ~ Thank you to John at Books of Blood for catching that!

These are my top 5 so very open to interpretation. It goes without saying, I thought, that these are also all very well written books.

There are rough books to read that lose the craft along the way just like there are extreme horror films that have low production value or lose the plot. These are books that deal with extremities and disturbing situations that are not recommended for all readers even though they are expertly written and tell gut-wrenching stories.

00:00 – Introduction to 5 extreme horror books
00:47 – Stephen King, Survivor Type
02:35 – Jack Ketchum, Offspring
03:36 – Edward Lee, The Haunter of the Threshold and Gast or Black Train
06:36 – Ryan Harding, Genital Grinder
08:06 – Garth Ennis, Crossed

Check out my Top 5 Haunting Horror Houses here https://youtu.be/D8e2n2vC8tg 🙂

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In this video, we talk about Stephen King, Edward Lee, Wrath James White, Jack Ketchum, Ryan Harding, Garth Ennis, and smile as we mention Richard Laymon.


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