Good day. It’s my favourite day of the week, business book review day…

And as its nearly Christmas. I’m reviewing an all time classic & rated 1 of the best business books of all time. ‘The Great Game of Business’ written by Jack Stack & Bo Burlington.

If you’re a business leader, director, department manager. In fact, any person who relies on a team of people for the organisation or department to be successful. You must read this book.

This is not a book written by a consultant or business coach telling you how you should manage your team & run your organisation or department.

This story is real. Jack Stack is real…

Jack tells their story of buying out Springfield Re-manufacturing Corp (the company where they worked, which was in serious financial trouble) and with the help of the whole workforce (through a simple but radical programme) created immense change, which had unbelievable results. Saving the company and creating wealth for everyone, not just the company directors.

Jack called the change programme ‘The Great Game of Business’ because they wanted to find a way to make business approachable & less intimidating for their whole workforce.

They figured out they could set up the company in a way so that everyone could play the game together & share in the rewards.

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This meant taking the simple but radical step of opening-up their books to their entire workforce. Training them how to read the profit & loss report (P&L) and explaining how each of them could make a difference to the profitability of the company. Either by saving money or making money.

But Jack went a step further. And to make sure everyone was fully engaged in the change programme (their future business blueprint). Everyone was given a share of the profits & a small stake in the business. If the company made profit, everyone would financially benefit too.

The book explains the amazing positive impact the entire workforce had on the organisation. Once everyone had been educated on how they could influence profitability, become stakeholders & knowing they would share in the profitability created too.

‘The Great Game of Business‘ breezes a 5-star rating. Its been a great read & is certainly the way we will be running our organisation from next year.

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Thank you for watching. Have a great Christmas. But don’t forget to tune in next Friday.

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