Ever wondered why Jamaica produce the best sprinters, Kenya consistently produces the best long-distance runners, and Brazil disproportionately produce top football players?

Some would suggest it’s already in the genes of the people living in these places.

Rasmus Ankersen quest has proved that this is not the case, and although the people in these places must have the right physical attributes to succeed, the same physical attributes are in the same proportion of people anywhere in the world.

It seems it’s down to want and desire, usually triggered by tough living conditions, together with coaching focused on identifying the greatness in these people.

Ankersen travelled the world looking for what he calls ‘Gold Mines’ – small geographically defined locations which are producing top performers as if they’re on a production line.

His book ‘The Gold Mine Effect’ details the results of this study, finding six ‘Gold Mines’ in Ethiopia, South Korea, Jamaica, Russia, Kenya and Brazil.

It blows away the myth people are born to run 9.58 seconds.

Given the right physical attributes, anyone in the world can achieve remarkable things, if they’re driven to achieve them, either by circumstances or just desire.

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Ankersen relates his findings to business. Believing those who build teams with people who have great attitudes and the desire to succeed, these organisations will achieve great things.

It’s an interesting read, and I agree with his findings.

We’ve seen individual pockets of greatness driven by a personal desire, like David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo or driven on by a parent like Andy Murray was by Judy, his mum.

But not great sways. Like Ankersen has uncovered with his study. Who all seem to have a common denominator, the desire to succeed to create an improved standard of living.

‘The Gold Mine Effect’ gets a thumbs up and 5 stars .

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