In this video – From 0 to Financial Freedom – author Steve McKnight shows you how you can go from nothing and build financial independence.

It doesn’t have to be through real estate, it can be through stocks or business.

This little book is the playbook everyone needs to go into financial freedom.

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Khoa Bui is a Creative Entrepreneur, Writer, International Speaker, Sales Guy, Web/Software Developer and YouTuber. He is the founder of YouTubeRelentless, a website devoted to helping entrepreneurs grow there empires online and offline. He is also the host of the Khoa Bui Show – a podcast dedicated to sharing stories and success tips from entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Khoa Bui helps entrepreneurs through sales training, educational and motivational content on YouTube, Websites and Social Media. He also offers 1 on 1 coaching, sales training and website marketing services.

**Disclaimer: Khoa Bui is a partner of various affiliate marketing companies which he may earn income from by recommending their services. All opinions are my own and any advice/information shared by myself or people featured on this channel are for entertainment purposes only.

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