Horror book review for Maggies’s Grave by David Sodergren and The Remaking by Clay McLeod Chapman

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00:00 Greetings
00:49 Why I think I was feeling bad
02:42 Comment Shoutouts
04:22 Solitary Women
06:30 The Remaking Set Up
08:07 The Remaking Review
13:37 Maggie’s Grave Set Up
15:06 Maggie’s Grave review

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Ghost Stories Incorporated, “Disobediences”

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Outro music: Suspense by DDmyzik


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What is Harpies in the Trees?
Hi, I’m Mers and welcome to my Horror BookTube Channel: Harpies in the Trees

I used to be an avid reader, but life got in the way so I stopped reading for a very long time but decided to change that in December 2018 and I want to share what I’m reading and discovering on my journey back into the wonderful world of books.

Horror fiction is my favorite genre, especially the supernatural! This channel is solely focused on horror and all things creepy.

I will be doing horror book reviews, book hauls, book crate unboxings, author interviews, readings, creative projects inspired by books, checking out street libraries, exploring cemeteries here in Berlin and more! Sometimes the odd thriller or mystery will be here but mostly horror 🖤

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