Simply awesome. In one book it covers every aspect of driving your business forward. Have given out over 20 copies to business owners and EVERYONE says it was mind blowing and has helped them to improve their business significantly. Why not be the first Biltys Book #1 then? I’ve just moved house and only just found the box with it in, otherwise it would have been!
Vision- how to get one everyone buys into
People- how to recruit, retain, empower and sort succession out
Data: measure the few things that matter a lot, and measure them weekly
Issues: the blockers that get in the way & how to deal with them
Process: the power of process to keep everyone being the best they can be
Traction: keeping improvement going; rocks and pebbles; 90 day deadlines

Page 222 tells you how to go about it if you want to skip to get on with it straight away!

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