One of the best book on personal finance & it also covers some very basic & legit ways to achieve financial freedom. Although written almost a century back but still gives practical ways to generate wealth. A short & precise book. The laws to earn, save & invest money beautifully explained in a form of a story, very easy to understand & relate.

The Book has 11 chapters;
Chapter 1 : The Man Who Desired Gold.
Chapter 2 : The Richest Man In Babylon.
Chapter 3 : Seven Cures For A Lean Purse.
Chapter 4 : Meet The Goddess Of Good Luck.
Chapter 5 : The Five Laws Of Gold.
Chapter 6 : The Gold Lender Of Babylon.
Chapter 7 : The Walls Of Babylon.
Chapter 8 : The Camel Trader Of Babylon.
Chapter 9 : The Clay Tablets Of Babylon.
Chapter 10 : The Luckiest Man In Babylon.
Chapter 11 : An Historical Sketch Of Babylon.

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