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This is a book review of Rich Dads How to Increase your Financial IQ by Robert T. Kiyosaki. In this book summary I attempt to deliver all of the main points that can help you in your journey to increase your financial IQ, but of course a book review is not the same as reading the actual book chapter by chapter so below is a link to find the book which I highly recommend to anyone on the path to success and wealth, or, to those who just want to sound smarter when they talk about money. The first steps to becoming wealthy and rich are to learn how to become wealthy and rich. Start your financial education by consuming great material by authors like Robert Kiyosaki.

▼▼▼Increase Your Financial IQ By Robert Kiyosaki▼▼▼

Authored by Robert Kiyosaki who wrote the entire Rich Dad Poor Dad series including Cashflow Quadrant, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Second Chance, The Real book of Real Estate among many others. The only way to gain financial freedom, passive income and learn how to be rich is by increasing your financial iq by focusing on financial education. Keep learning, keep growing and your income will follow!

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