This is one of the best books I have ever read and by far the best personal finance books by an African author. Hope you enjoy my review!

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3 Top Lessons
01:40 – You have to track your expenses
03:29 – Learn to manage your debt
05:02 – Learn the various investment options available to you

3 Best chapters in the book
07:40 – Chapter 3, The Ford Mustang
09:50 – Chapter 5, Lessons from a jail cell
12:29 – Chapter 16, Conversations with my Dad, the black tax

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3 Maro observations
16:06 – The book was written using an amazing and captivating conversational style
17:07 – The book was written with a level of humility and vulnerability which I love
18:56 – Our African grandmothers have practiced some of the personal finance practices which we seek
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