If you want to sort out your debts and be one step closer to financial freedom, hear me out.
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“Are you a Millennial and you’re worried about your financial future? Do you want to buy the things you need and do the things you dream of? Do you want to finally get out of your debt trap? Do you dream of building your nest egg and retire comfortably? Finally, do you want to know the secret to financial freedom amid the new normal? Find all the answers in the eBook “A Millennial’s Journey to Financial Freedom.”

Dive into Mike’s engaging story of a millennial’s odyssey to financial freedom. You will surely enjoy the read and at the same time find nourishing morsels of information and proven methods of effective personal finance.” – http://bit.ly/GageeksFinance

– 0:00 – Intro
– 0:17 – My Relationship with Money (Backstory)
– 1:05 – I almost went bankrupt…
– 1:50 – Why I read books
– 2:00 – A Millennial’s Journey To Financial Freedom
– 2:22 – Caveat
– 2:39 – Good#1 A relatable start and character
– 2:57 – Good#2 The small day-to-day habits
– 3:55 – Good#3 The importance of mentorship
– 4:50 – Good#4 The aspects of personal finance with samples
– 5:25 – Good#5 Financial effects of getting married
– 5:46 – Bad#1 Get to the point
– 6:09 – Bad#2 Grammatical and typographical errors towards the end
– 6:23 – Who is this book for?
– 6:44 – Where to get the book with discount?
– 7:08 – Live on Twitch
– 7:26 Outro

“I am not an accountant nor am I an expert in money or finances. I am doing this video to share the resources that helped me get out of that bad financial situation and are helping me now to not fall into the same pit again in the future.” – Neil

– Neil
Edited by: Neil
Writer: Neil
Produced by: Neil

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A Millennial’s Journey To Financial Freedom Book Review | It gets personal…

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