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What’s the best must read Personal Finance Book that you’d recommend someone read?

Let us know in the comments below.

In today’s video we’ll review 7 must read personal finance books to help you quickly become a multi-millionaire.

No need to recreate the wheel. These are the goto books others have consistently said made all the difference in their lives.

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Warren Buffett, an avid reader on Personal Finance and other topics, is said to read 6+ hours a day. Learners are earners and if you want to create personal wealth than these 7 books are a good place to start.

Minute by Minute review of Lessons from 7 Must Read Personal Finance Books:

0:00 7 Must Read Personal Finance Books Introduction
1:17 Rich Dad Poor Dad Review
2:37 Your Money or Your Life Summary
4:17 The Richest Man in Babylon Book
6:41 What Is Think and Grow Rich About
8:41 What Is The Millionaire Next Door Formula
9:49 The Millionaire Fastlane Review
11:07 Secrets of the Millionaire Mind Tips

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