You probably already know great customer service is one of my drivers…

So, when I came across ‘The Customer Centric Playbook’ I just had to read and review it for you.

It’s written by Peter Fader and Sarah Toms both of whom have founded multiple organisations.

Between them they discovered a simple truth, that not all customers are the same, regardless of how they appear on the surface.

The book argues why organisations should take a long-term customer centric view of their customers, rather than a product centric sell as many as you can quickly approach.

With great emphasis on long term customer value, which is achieved through building relationships, rather than the kiss me quick speed dating approach to business.

They discuss how the most successful companies (with examples) understand their best customers are their most valuable assets, and show how they tailor their acquisition, development, and retention efforts to these customers.

Even discussing how Tesco become a true customer centric organisation back in 2011, before losing their way, and now are trying to fight back to regain a customer centric approach.

It’s a blueprint for companies of all sizes that want to create and implement a winning strategy to acquire, develop and retain customers for the greatest value.

‘The Customer Centric Playbook’ gets a thumbs up and 5 stars.

…thank you, any questions please connect and message me.

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