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Today we’re reviewing a business book by entrepreneur & best-selling author. Daniel Priestley.

In his 2015 book ‘Oversubscribed’ Daniel asks the question ‘How would it feel to turn away business because you have too many customers wanting to buy?’

Then discusses how at 22 he grew a business to $1 million in 12 months, and by 25 he’d used the same insights to make over $10 million in sales.

Along the way Daniel discovered valuable ideas on how to make a product or service oversubscribed & have customers queueing up to do business with you.

Daniel’s book covers 7 principles for creating demand that outstrips supply, and he say’s by implementing his techniques you will able to:

• Carve out your own market, while others struggle to continue
• Win clients in clusters rather than 1 at a time
• Build a campaign driven enterprise, which is constantly innovating
• Become industry famous, attracting premium quality clients
• Grow you profits by charging a de-commoditized price
• Use campaigns to win new clients quickly
• Build a lean & high performing team who can execute your strategy

Ultimately, Daniel wrote this book to transform organisations outdated mindsets & to learn a strategy to generate more buyers than you can handle.

But you must read it all & not miss the best bit. As Daniel included a chapter on an idea that has made him a lot of money & saved him a lot of time. Most people don’t know about this idea. So be careful & don’t just skim read, or you’ll miss it.

If you’re like us & searching for ways to make your organisation unique & over-subscribed with clients. This book is worth reading. It’s got some great ideas that may just help you make it happen.

‘Oversubscribed’ gets a thumbs up and a 5-star rating from me.

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