Good day. Yes. It’s business book review time…

Today’s review is ‘Black Box Thinking’ by Matthew Syed.

First. Let’s deal with the elephant in the room.

It’s very long and very in-depth. You need to concentrate hard for the detail to sink in (well I did anyway). I’ve had to read it twice this week.

Even the down-load is in 2, 6-hour parts. Yes, it’s that long.
That being said. The level of detail (all backed up by real life case studies) is mesmerising.

I’ve got to be honest. It’s not an exciting read. But if you can cope with the detail and length. The learnings are exceptional.

The story jumps between the medical profession, aviation, engineering, entrepreneurship, tech & sports in a dizzying array of case studies & real-world examples.

The guts of the book centres on how success really happens. Citing success comes to organisations and individuals who learn from mistakes & don’t try to hide them.

Proving that creating a learning culture can fuel growth through small incremental improvements. Marginal gains if you like. And when added together can be amazing, revolutionary even.

I still can’t believe how much detail Matthew has managed to pack in. But you must understand. The detail is all backed up with real life examples too. Making it extremely credible.

If you can stick with the heavy read. Most people in different industries & positions can take a great deal from this book. And will be able to put lots of the examples into real practise.

‘Black Box Thinking‘. Gets a 4-star rating. It would have been 5, if it was a bit shorter & not so detailed. But that’s just me & you might think differently.

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