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Seth Godin’s 2012 book ‘The Icarus Deception’ is based on the legend of Icarus.

Icarus was banished to prison with his father for sabotaging the work of King Minos. His father crafted them a pair of wings & attached them with wax.

His father warned him not to fly to close to the sun, as the wax would melt. But Icarus didn’t listen, the wax melted & he drowned in the sea.

His father also warned him not to fly too close to the sea, because the water would ruin the lift in his wings. Seth says society has altered this bit of the myth to discourage people from standing out.

The essence of the book is not to settle for too little. It’s about why you need to stand up, stand out & make a ruckus. Not to be put off by Myth’s like Icarus.

Seth put’s a strong emphasis on standing out being art & it can be any of us who create art. Not just artists, singers or footballers.
People in business can create art too, it just needs the right practise.

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As always with Seth, it’s packed full of relatable stories & ideas & stories, e of which you can put into practise yourself.

I wouldn’t say it’s one of Seth’s best work. But it’s still worth a read, as he comes at things from a completely different angle than most other business books.

‘The Icarus Deception’ gets a thumbs up & 4-stars.

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