Well, that’s a rap, and here’s my final business book review of 2021…

Maybe Turkey-fil-A is more apt than Covert Cows & Chick-fil-A at this time
of year?

‘Covert Cows & Chick-fil-A’ is primarily a book about the famous American chicken based fast food company, and what has driven its success.

Interestingly though, its written by its former Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Steve Robinson and comes from the angle of how marketing helped achieve this success.

The Covert Cows title is reference to series of super successful adverts that Robinson and his chosen marketing agency dreamt up.

They made cows the focal points of their adverts, like they were interested in what was going on and as Chick-fil-A doesn’t serve beef, the cows (in a humorous way) encouraged more people to each chicken.

Chick-fil-A grew its business through a franchise system, but it’s not like most other franchise systems, where the franchisee must invest thousands in the licence, location, and infrastructure. Chick-fil-A fund everything but are then very particular in the type of franchisee they bring on board to operate and grow each new location.

They invest loads of time and money in people and new product development.
Making sure they have the right calibre of franchisee, which best suits their type of operation. In-conjunction with this, they are constantly looking for improvements to their menu items.

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Their continuous improvement model has created a number of opportunities to
differentiate themselves from the fierce fast-food competition, each one creating clear blue ocean and enabling them to grow their customer base.

Things like the ‘waffle fry,’ being first in Malls with takeaway food, opening early to serve breakfast, developing smaller sandwiches for children, and offering healthier grilled chicken.

Overall, it’s a decent read with a great underlying story, and you’ll learn some things too.

‘Covert Cows & Chick-fil-A gets a thumbs up and four stars.

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