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Depressed with another lockdown?

Our first business book review of the year might help. Its Ant Middleton’s new book ‘Zero Negativity’.

It’s his third book after ‘First Man In’ & ‘The Fear Bubble’, which were both excellent 5 star reads.

You might think – what does Ant Middleton know about zero negativity and positive thinking?

Well, you’d be surprised…

After spending much of his early adult life in the army, para’s, marines, and special forces, after leaving, he struggled like hell before finding the person he is today.

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Through his varied experiences, Ant has developed a super positive mindset, which has allowed him to recover from his lowest points, like a stretch behind bars.

And it’s taken him nearly half his life to work out why he’s here, something most of us never actually understand.

In Ant’s case, it wasn’t to be the best soldier, although he was great at it and his experiences have helped shape his positive mindset, whilst also keeping him alive.

It is to help people be the very best they can be, which involves helping them discover a positive mindset, and enable them to do things that they didn’t think possible.

His role on ‘SAS: Who Dares Wins’ has highlighted his skill in this area, and now he travels the UK talking to audiences about his experiences, showing how they can grow a positive mindset too.

‘Zero Negativity’ gets a thumbs up and 5 stars.

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