The 1-page marketing plan is said to be ‘the fastest path to the money’…

The concept was invented by Allan Dib (entrepreneur, marketer, bestselling author) and really is a single page divided into 9 squares.

Dib wrote us all a blueprint, funnily enough it’s called ‘The 1-Page Marketing Plan’, which has become a bestselling book.

He’s honest too. Whilst he did create the system. The concepts he uses are not new, just tweaked, re-organised, and deployed in a certain way.

The book and plan cover:

• How to get new customers and grow existing ones.

• Strategies that work for small and medium organisations, not big business.

• How to close sales through relationships.

• A simple guide to create your own 1-page marketing plan.

• How to beat competitors and become the No.1 choice.

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• How to get amazing results on a small budget.

• Ways to position products with premium pricing.

Dib talks a lot of sense; the concepts are not ground-breaking and are easy to understand. It’s just about following the process and doing the right activity at the right time.

It’s an interesting read too, as it’s dotted with little stories, ideas, and examples of what’s working and not working for other organisations.

I’ve enjoyed reading it and learnt a lot of new things, and it’s one of those great idea’s books, which I’ll keep referring to over time.

There’s a couple of great sections in it covering conversions and lifetime value, which I just had to photocopy and give to my management team.

‘The 1-Page Marketing Plan’ gets a thumbs up and 5 stars.

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