‘The Light Great’– Reserve Review – Friday Fantasy Show– Episode 175.

The Bottled Imp proceeds our expedition of the Discworld world with the ‘The Light Fantastic’ written by Sir Terry Pratchett. Very first published in 1986.

I was around 15 or 16 when I initially checked out ‘The Colour of Magic’, publication 1 of the Discworld collection. I bear in mind seeing the colourful, animation cover on the shelves of Forbidden Planet in London as well as assuming, “That resembles the book for me!” And also I was.

Fast forward to The Bottled Imp years, and I decided as part of our brand-new Monday show, The Bottled Imp Show, to review all 41 Discworld stories (some are short tales – The Great Fantasy Challenge), in publication order. However not just that, to review one unique a week!

‘ The Light Fantastic’ is the 2nd book in the Discworld collection as well as additionally a direct follow up to the initial publication ‘The Colour of Magic’. The premise of all the Discworld stories is as follows. The surface of the disc consists of seas and continents, as well as with them, civilisations, hills, cities as well as forests.

The set up of ‘The Light Fantastic’ as explained from Wikipedia:

The book starts shortly after the ending of The Colour of Magic, with wizard Rincewind, Twoflower and also the Luggage falling from the Discworld. They are saved when the Octavo, one of the most effective book of magic on the Discworld, adjusts reality to stop the loss of one of its eight spells, which has stayed in Rincewind’s head given that his expulsion from Unseen University: Rincewind, Twoflower as well as the Luggage end up in the Forest of Skund.

If you ‘d like to join Ken in The Great Fantasy Challenge, right here’s the full checklist of the Discworld stories written by Terry Pratchett:

1) The Colour of Magic (1983) (Rincewind).
2) The Light Fantastic (1986) (Rincewind).
3) Equal Rites (1987) (Witches).
4) Mort (1987) (Death).
5) Sourcery (1988) (Rincewind).
6) Wyrd Sisters (1988) (Witches).
7) Pyramids (1989) (One-off).
8) Guards! Guards! (1989) (City Watch).
9) Faust Eric (1990) (Rincewind).
10) Moving Pictures (1990) (One-off).
11) Reaper Man (1991) (Death).
12) Witches Abroad (1991) (Witches).
13) Small Gods (1992) (One-off).
14) Lords and also Ladies (1992) (Witches).
15) Troll Bridge (1992) (Short tale).
16) Men at Arms (1993) (City Watch).
17) Theatre of Cruelty (1993) (Short story).
18) Soul Music (1994) (Death).
19) Interesting Times (1994) (Rincewind).
20) Maskerade (1995) (Witches).
21) Feet of Clay (1996) (City Watch).
22) Hogfather (1996) (Death).
23) Jingo (1997) (City Watch).
24) The Last Continent (1998) (Rincewind).
25) Carpe Jugulum (1998) (Witches).
26) The Sea and also Little Fishes (1998) (Short tale).
27) The Fifth Elephant (1999) (City Watch).
28) The Truth (2000) (One-off).
29) Thief of Time (2001) (Death).
30) The Last Hero (2001) (Rincewind, although this is open to question).
31) The Amazing Maurice And His Educated Rodents (2001 ).
32) Night Watch (2002) (City Watch).
33) Death as well as What Comes Next (2002) (Short tale).
34) The Wee Free Men (2003) (Tiffany Aching).
35) Monstrous Regiment (2003) (One-off).
36) A Hat Full of Sky (2004) (Tiffany Aching).
37) Going Postal (2004) (Post Office).
38) Once More * With Footnotes (2004) (Compilation: brief jobs).
39) Thud! (2005) (City Watch).
40) Where’s my cow (2005 ).
41) Wintersmith (2006) (Tiffany Aching).
42) Making Money (2007) (Post Office).
43) Unseen Academicals (2009) (The Wizards, Rincewind).
44) I Shall Wear Midnight (2010) (Tiffany Aching).
45) Snuff (2011) (City Watch/ Sam Vimes).
46) Raising Steam (2013) (Post workplace).
47) The Shepherd’s Crown (2015) (Tiffany Aching).

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