Shouldn’t we all pursue a lifetime of excellence?

American writer on business practises, Tom Peters, certainly thinks so.

Following on from his 1982 international best seller ‘In Search of Excellence’ comes ‘The Excellence Dividend’.

Tom sees it as a kinda sequel, and the underlying message is still the same, we must seek excellence to survive.

Although, the difference is, time has moved on and the threats around in 1982 are different.

The latest threat is one that is likely to hit us hard with a once in a life-time consequence.

It’s not globalization. It’s not immigration. It’s technology.

But Tom believes in business, there are important human attributes, if effectively deployed, are likely to remain beyond the realm of artificial intelligence.

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Citing the personalised quality service provided by fully engaged team members that make you smile and create memories lasting forever.

Or the design brilliance that can only be achieved through passionate creative humans, like Apple’s team led by Steve Jobs.

The book is a montage of moments of great service that Tom has witnessed or heard about during his career, which can help you stand out from competitors, even in an AI world.

There are some great ideas and learnings for everyone splattered throughout the book, the only downside, it was a little confusing to follow, which made it a slightly hard read.

‘The Excellence Dividend’ gets a thumbs up and 4 stars.

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