The Bottled Rogue – The Friday Fantasy Show – Episode 139
‘ Underforge: Schedule 1’ by Jonathan Shrub – Fantasy Publication Review

The Bottled Imp takes a look at guide 1 in the ‘Underforge Trilogy’ collection by Jonathan Bush, self-published in 2015.

Squall Steampipe, of Squirm Hollow, is the youngest of the Steampipe children, burdened with a name, which essentially indicates ‘cry infant’. Squall is the scraggy kid with no appealing qualities or redeeming qualities, as his father likes to advise him, as well as invests his days moping around your house with Big Kev, the family members instead energetic lamb.

Squalls life adjustments, nonetheless, when a routine heavy steam pipeline cleaning job with his papa, Frank, goes extremely sour. Squall is plunged into a globe beyond the mundane life within The Farrows as well as have to start a quest to return a famous artefact called the stimulate to a place of myth, understood as the Underforge, that exists within the centre of the globe, at the end of a terrifying nautical uproar, shrouded in intoxicated and secret murmurs.

Squall should run away the wrath of High Overseer and also Grand Combobulator Finka Burntsumfin who seeks to harness the power of the spark for his own, wrinkly felt demands while a scary trio from the Sombrelands look for the spark for their own ghastly demands in a thrilling game of cat as well as mouse. The pestered Lord of the Sombrelands, Lord Cesspit and his assassin for hire, General Lyka have to discover the trigger to begin their regime of fear throughout the Glump.

Can Squall return the spark to the Underforge, discover the enigma bordering his dead mom as well as vanquish those that stand in his means?

The Bottled Imp
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Provided by Ken Boyter

Produced & Directed by Julian Newman Turner

Songs by Greg Breden

Artwork by Richard Nairn

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