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Have you every shied away from cold calling?

I don’t mean bold calling (walking into a business cold). I mean, cold calling someone you don’t know using your phone.

Its daunting isn’t it?

It takes stacks of grit & determination to deal with all the rejections & then to do it again in search of the one who’s willing to at least talk to you.

A book that can really help is ‘Cold Calling for Chickens’ written by Bob Etherington.

Bob knows what he’s talking about. He’s worn the t-shirt…

He’s built a reputation for sales success in a career that’s spanned many key global markets. From Rank Xerox in London to Grand Metropolitan Hotels and onto city based financial institutions.

The book is simple (which is good for me). As well as providing many tips, tricks & ideas. It builds your confidence & makes cold calling a fun game.

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Anything that helps you overcome your fears has got to be good. Right?

But there’s a serious side to the book. Bob makes it clear (in his opinion) cold calling is much more effective that networking, promotions & advertising.

He says. 95% of your competitors are too scared to do it & the 5% that do are taking 85% of new business in your area.

It’s a great little book for those of us who still see cold calling as a vital part of their strategy. And will help you gain the courage & confidence to keep making those cold calls.

‘Cold Calling for Chickens’ gets a thumbs up & 5-stars.

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