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Eric Barker is a former Hollywood screenwriter & is best known of his blog. Barking up the Wrong Tree. Which presents science-based answers & expert insight on how to be awesome in life.

Eric has taken the learnings from his blog & written a book by the same title, which reveals the extraordinary science behind what determines success & how anyone can achieve it.

‘Barking up the Wrong Tree’ proves much of what we believe how success happens, isn’t what it seems & that there are other factors to consider in most situations.

Eric has studied, what separates the extremely successful people from the rest & details for you, what you can do to be more like them. Helping you understand what works & what doesn’t work.

You’ll find things out like…

• How your biggest weakness could be your biggest strength
• Nice people finish last & first
• Why pirates run a great business
• How Genghis Khan can help you find an ideal work life balance
• A karate champion who knocks people out without a touch
• How prison inmates can teach you honesty
• All the bad things you need to stop doing

And do you know what?

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It’s a brilliant book & compelling reading. It’s packed full of amazing (evidence backed) stories, which you’ll struggle to absorb in a single reading.

I found it thoroughly entertaining. Which is sometimes difficult to achieve with a business book & even though I don’t need to, I’m going to read it again. Just in case I missed something.

It’s a must read for anyone really. Young or old & no matter where you are on your career path. It’s got fabulous insights to help you progress to the type of success you are seeking.

‘Barking up the Wrong Tree’ gets a big thumbs up & 5-stars.

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