New to dream or simply seeking something different to review? I’ll start with offering you my point of view and choices, after that name 10 publications I advise. On this listing we’ll start with the books with the lighter tone and relocate to darker tones and also themes as we go down the list. I hope this video clip is practical.

Publications Mentioned:
Seasons of Albadone:
Red Harvest Moon:
Aching God:
Blood Song:
River of Thieves:
The Blade Itself:
Chasing after Graves:
Clergyman of Bones:
Kings of Paradise:
Past Redemption:

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00:00 Introduction
2:12 Seasons of Albadone
5:03 Red Harvest Moon
6:43 Aching God
8:52 Blood Song
10:46 River of Thieves
11:44 The Blade Itself
13:28 Chasing Graves
14:38 Priest of Bones
16:10 Kings of Paradise
19:44 Beyond Redemption
22:51 What are your top 10 dream suggestions?

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Raul Reads:

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